Grey’s Anatomy Tackles Maternal Mortality:Sort of…..

Kudos to Grey’s Anatomy for raising the issue of maternal mortality!!

It isn’t often that a TV shows tackles a research interest of mine but Grey’s Anatomy used maternal mortality as an episode’s theme recently.  Of course, their take on the issue was hospital-centric.  As a result, viewers may have been left with the impression that all risk of death takes place during the immediate pre- and post-partum periods.   The Texas Task Force’s Biennial Report in 2016 stated the majority of maternal deaths took place more than 42 days after the end of pregnancy.

Definitely, we need to improve hospital care for mothers and babies.  We need to remember, however, that mothers are at risk throughout pregnancy and for at least one year after pregnancy ends.

The Having Kids website does a good job of pointing out where recent cuts in health care benefits and spending play a big part in rising rates of maternal mortality.  The problem is definitely complex and solutions will require the political will to address this issue.

What are your thoughts about and their fair start model?


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