Lots of Political Interest in Maternal Mortality

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There will be discussion about Maternal Mortality as we head in to the 2020 elections.  Here is the Democratic conversation.

Read about how Kamala Harris plans to address maternal mortality. Notice that she calls out Implicit Bias and Systemic Racism as factors related to maternal mortality.  Texas would do well to do the same.

The Republican response has been to scale back Medicaid and in Texas to rely on the Healthy Texas Women program.

Is there any middle ground?

Circular Journey


Recently, I was asked what event started me on my journey toward academia and research.  That was an easy question to answer.

Take a look at this article,  Outrageous_Outraged.pdf,  which appeared in Nursing Outlook in 1980.  It was written by my former boss when I was a liaison nurse at the City of Fort Worth Health Department.  I am still struggling to solve problems of inadequate care for women giving birth.